another weekend, another image

Another weekend contest on Blender Nation, this time, the topic was `Colorful Nature`.
I didn’t have much time, so I made a simple image. Some problems arose with the water texture which I couldn’t fix in time and the rocks in background could have been a little more detailed, but the high subdiv for the displacement was killing my rendertime, so I decided to stay with that. Post was done in Photoshop.




The final image you see here was rendered in Cycles with 2000 samples,  3500px width. It took 7 hours. A second image was rendered with a different light situation to get the best result for the post.
The post work was done in Photoshop. Here it is:


weekend contest

I participated in the weekend contest at Blender Nation. The topic was `Basement`.
The image is inspired by a picture of „Auerbachs Keller“, shot in 1900:…eller_1900.jpg
This place was often visited by Goethe while he was studying in Leipzig.  His drama „Faust“ refers to this basement in one of the chapters.
The simple reason why I chose this picture was the light and the perpective I immediately was inspired by.  I liked its kind of warm and comfortable mood, instead of a cold and bleak atmosphere that one usually associates with basements. My intention was not to perfectly rebuild the image but instead capture this mood.

Modelling wasn’t too complicated – a lot of repetitive parts and I only modelled what my camera caught. The tables, chairs and the piano I had already modelled some time ago and included them in the scene. Only the books were taken from Blender Guru (thank you Andrew Price!), with minor changes to some textures.
The hardest thing was to get the light right.
A lot of the mood was done in the post, for which I used Photoshop.
It took me nearly 16 hours to create the image without render time.

Although the contest has already been closed, I’m currently still rendering the image to get a higher resolution, as there was not enough time left, and it still has too much noise. I will post an update when the full res pic is finished.

For criticism and comments:
So this is what I got for now:


and another update…

…it seems to have no end ;-)
But I won`t complain, because I got what I wanted: a slideshow for the startpage! That only means rearanging the whole theme.

That`s it for now – still work in progress.

website update

So here, -finally- is another update.

I started building my own wordpress theme from the skretch. Still some more work needs to be done and some tweaking here and there. After that I can take care of the contend, updating the gallery and stuff like that…

competition final image

Finally it`s done!


On Sunday I had not much time to work on the composeting, because my computer were busy rendering the final image. I guess I did something wrong in the settings than cycles rendered over 9h – and still a lot of noise was left in the image. I had to fix in Photoshop to the hit deadline…
The day before I tried to create the dust with blenders smoke simulator, but I would have needed a very high resolution that hides the voxel grid and it took forever. I stopped the simulation and used a low resolution wth some overpainting in Ps.
In the end I composited some rain and more clouds to dramatise the mood. It was already half past 2 in the morning when I decided that this image is finished ;-)

a new perspective


Some new guys entered the picture! I wasn`t satisfied with the guy in the background, so I changed the pose and added another one inside the helicopter and a fourth one as a driver. Since these changes a slightly different perspective was necessary.
For this picture I thought on a kind of rescue mission. I did some tests with a hail of meteorite fragments, but that looked like a war scene, so I will try to do some raindrops and storm scene.
In this moment in the background blender is baking a smoke simulation for ground dust – I hope that works?!

I want to render tomorrow but there is still a lot to do :-)



Today I made some first tests for the Head-Up-Display:



And so it looks composited:


competition update

Here is another picture of the whole scene with character – I did a little bit post production on it.


It`s still a lot to do. I have to fix the shoulder of the guy in the foreground. The helicopter needs some textures and some other details, as well as a driver :-) I hope that I will have enough time to simulate smoke on the ground

charakter update

The raw unwrapping of the armour is done. It`s not beautiful, but I guess that it works for this picture.


For the next step I already started to rig the character.

competition part2

So finally I got time to post some news :-)
The modeling for the character is nearly done! (mehr …)


it`s time to start a new image. I decided to participate the competition on
(mehr …)

New Site


this site will be my online portfolio. I`m new to WordPress, so it will take a while until everything works the way I want it.
I`m still fighting with some settings, so stay tuned for updates.

– Vince