it`s time to start a new image. I decided to participate the competition on
Even though it is about video games (I`ve never been a gamer, nor played any video games more than one time… ) But I have to note that I`m impressed by the look and the possibilities of actual video games.
So I will try to catch a kind of that look with a pic of a fictitious game.

At first I started with a sketch in Blender of an landing helicopter (I found an unfinished one on my harddisk). Than I painted the lights and the atmosphere in Photoshop. The characters are only simple modeled cubes.
So here is my first sketch:


The characters need to be replaced at first – but I`m no Character modeler, so I will do some kind of armour or robotic person, that I can use my hard-surface-modeling skills. To get the game look I will add a head up display.

That`s it for now, more to come within the next days.